Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Our luxury cat boarding facility provides you with the peace of mind to leave your pet in the safest hands while you are out of town!

Private or Communal Condos

For the social butterflies or the more independent introverts, our condos can be made to be shared or private to accommodate all personality types.

Convenient Feeding

Bring a small bag of your pet's food that we can feed for no additional charge, or we can provide high-quality food for your pet for a small daily charge.


Have a pet with a chronic condition? Does your vacation overlap with flea medication day? No problem! Our veterinary technicians can assist in medication administration for a small one-time charge.

Make going out of town as easy and stress-free as possible by leaving your fur babies with people you can trust!

Our cat boarding facility offers various suites and amenities to make your pet's stay as luxurious as possible.

From daily playtime and enrichment, convenient feeding options, and a team of veterinary technicians who can monitor and care for your pets round-the-clock, we offer one of the safest options for cat boarding in Los Angeles county.


Suite A (30 x 30)

$35.00/Per night

Perfect for cats under 10 LB

Separate food and water shelf

Private litter compartment

Suite B (42 x 30)

$45.00/Per night

Perfect for cats over 10 LB

Separate food and water shelf

Private litter compartment

Suite C (Private Room)

$50.00/Per night

Can accommodate up to 3 cats

Perfect for multi-cat households

Full-size cat tower and enrichment

Shatto Veterinary Center

3130 West 6th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90020

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